“As a swimmer, I have had many coaches help me in achieving the goals I set for myself. None compare to Kerri Robbins, who in two years has accomplished just as much and more, than in my previous 13 years of swimming.”
Teresa Koebel

Skyline Coaching Provides Personal and Endurance Training

Whether you are looking for a multi-sport coach in triathlon, duathlon, running, biking or swimming, Kerri Robbins of Skyline Coaching will design individualized programs to help you reach your dreams.

Goals are what drive you to be the best you can be. Setting goals and striving to reach for them is what Skyline Coaching helps to instill when coaching endurance athletes.

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, we work with people across the United States. Our mission is to develop the entire athlete by incorporating strength training, injury prevention tips, performance testing, nutrition advice, race strategies and mental preparation while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a personal fitness coach or for endurance training in running, biking or swimming, e-mail or call Skyline Coaching at 410-570-9099.

Why Use A Coach?

Coaches work with athletes of all abilities from beginners to advanced, age group to elite. Anyone can benefit from a knowledgeable coach.

A coach can help you take you training to the next level, can prevent overtraining or undertraining to help achieve your goals.

They are there as a mentor and a friend and help keep you accountable and motivated.

A coach designs programs specifically for your needs and takes the thinking out of your training which makes it easier and more fun. They are there for you to discuss anything from pre-race jitters, tips on swimming or to discuss what kind of running shoe to wear. When you need changes to your schedule, a coach will be there to make them on the fly so you can continue on your path to success.

For more information about what Skyline Coaching can do for you, e-mail or call us at 410-570-9099.