"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do"

Multi-Sport Endurance Coaching

Start of a triathalonKerri has been competing and coaching multi-sport for several years, during this time she herself has been coached and learned a variety of coaching philosophies. She has acquired the knowledge to know what it takes to help each athlete reach their goals in the way that works for them and for their lifestyle.

Kerri begins the coaching process with an initial consultation which review the athlete's background, current fitness, goals, events scheduled, daily workout regimen and schedule, specific questions regarding swim, biking and running and a health history questionnaire.

Kerri recognizes the importance getting to know her athlete's and strives to find what makes each one tick.

She stresses communication via Training Peaks, e-mail, telephone and text message to ensure her athlete's are receiving the needed attention.

Kerri will make changes to weekly schedules on the fly to accommodate daily lives, stress, sickness, injuries, etc.

Throughout the season, Kerri can help with developing Annual Training Plans, discussing and evaluating daily workouts, mental preparation, race strategies, strength work and nutrition. Performance is gauged through daily recorded data and through field tests to ensure goals are being achieved and training is on track.

She is available to work one-on-one in each discipline to work on proper form, mechanics, and efficiency for optimal success. Since it is important for every athlete to receive all of this, she has one inclusive rate.

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