"Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance"

What Others Say About Kerri Robbins

As a former swimmer who was nationally ranked, an Olympic trial qualifier and made all American and NCAA's as a freshman in college, I have had many coaches to help me attain those goals and more over my 13 years of swimming.

Now, as a triathlete, who has been competing for only two years, on a national and international level, I have been placing at the top both in my age group and overall. As well as nationally and world ranked.

I could have never achieved this without the coaching of Kerri Robbins. With her knowledge, expertise and her extreme precision in planning and strategizing specific workouts to reach your goals and obtain optimal performance, Kerri goes above and beyond.

As a swimmer, I have had many coaches help me in achieving the goals I set for myself. None compare to Kerri Robbins, who in two years has accomplished just as much and more, than in my previous 13 years of swimming.”

– Teresa Koebel
PA-C M.O.S.T. Sports Medicine
Head of Women's Wellness

I finished my fifth ironman in August 2012 and was certain I was done with the full distance. It wasn't the hours of training or the physical toll, it was the overwhelming frustration of committing so much time and energy and seeing minimal progress.

I contacted Kerri at the start of the 2013 season and was immediately struck by her knowledge and coaching style. Kerri listened to my ideas, evaluated my training history, and laid out a training plan that targeted my specific weaknesses.

She helped me set clear, realistic goals at the beginning of the year, and maximized training hours to help me get the most out of each workout.

Thanks to Kerri's personalized feedback and effective coaching style, I far exceeded my expectations, racing an early season half ironman in under five hours and finishing Ironman Louisville in 10 and a half hours, an hour faster than my previous best.

Perhaps her biggest accomplishment, however, is helping to renew my excitement and love for the sport. After a nice off-season, I look forward to training with Kerri in 2014.

– Adrian


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